Because of its convenient features and excellent customer service, Neo Financial credit cards are very popular among Canadian borrowers. Since its founding two years ago, Neo Financial has rapidly risen to become Canada’s preeminent financial services provider. Many types of borrowers may profit from their low-interest and secured credit cards.

The strength of Neo Financial lies in services it provides. Neo Financial credit card holders have access to their credit scores for free, along with other perks like cash back and special discounts. There are no yearly fees associated with the cards, and they provide access to a variety of digital banking and budgeting features.

Secured credit cards from Neo Finance are a major selling point for the company. Secured credit cards require a deposit from the cardholder as collateral. Those who have a limited or nonexistent credit history might benefit greatly from this alternative. Customers with poor or no credit may use a secured credit card to re-establish their credit history while enjoying many of the same perks as unsecured cards.

The secured credit cards of Neo Finance come in three types. The Neo Visa Platinum Card comes first. There is no annual fee or minimum deposit required for this card, and the interest rate is a low 13.99%. You’ll get 1% cash back on all purchases and 10% off currency conversion costs with this.

The Neo Mastercard Gold is our second choice for a protected credit card. It’s similar to the Platinum Card in terms of benefits, however the interest rate is higher at 16.99%. A minimum deposit of $500 is required, but there is still no annual fee.

The Neo Mastercard Black comes in at number three. The lowest interest rate among the three secured cards is 12.99%, there is no annual fee, and the minimum deposit is just $1,000 with this card. In addition, you’ll get a 2% rebate on all purchases and a 20% savings on currency conversion expenses.

In addition to a secured credit card option, Neo Financial gives its clients access to a variety of money management products. Customers may keep tabs on their finances and get tailored recommendations for better managing their money using the app. There is also a customer care department available at all times to answer questions and provide advice on the company’s offerings.

Generally, Canadian borrowers find the low interest rates, cash back, discounts, and customer service offered by Neo Financial credit cards to be attractive. If you need to establish or repair your credit, one of their secured credit cards may be just what you’re searching for. Customers may rest easy knowing they have complete digital banking and budgeting resources at their fingertips.